History of the Association:

Established in 1934, the Auctioneers' Association of Alberta is one of the oldest auctioneer associations in North America. For seventy years, the Auctioneers' Association of Alberta has worked hard on developing a high standard of professionalism and business ethics as well as consistently creating goodwill with the people of Alberta.

The Association is a non-profit organization with a long-standing reputation as a very charitable group, both as individual members conducting various charity auctions and as an Association making significant donations to local charities. The Association was formed by auctioneers for auctioneers and is directed by auctioneers.

The Auctioneers' Association of Alberta has a proud history which will live on for all to see via our archives. Although currently unavailable to the public, they will show future generations the role auctions and auctioneers have had in shaping the provinces.