Code of Ethics

WHEREAS, The members of the Auctioneers' Association of Alberta recognize that the success and growth of the auction business are dependent upon the trustworthiness and sincerity of each and every member of the auctioneer profession: and

WHEREAS, It has come to the attention of this Convention of Auctioneers duly assembled in the City of Calgary, Alberta on June 17th, 1947 that because of the absence of an approved and specific formula to serve as a guide in the matter of conduct, the profession has suffered reproach and loss of prestige: and

WHEREAS, By adoption of this Resolution, embodying a reasonable Code of Ethics, and by reason of the public's approval of such action by this Convention, and by general and continuous observance of the precepts herein contained, by all members of the organization, recogition of the auction profession as a dependable and necessary calling is assured.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that, with the view to fulfilment of the objects and purposes of the Society, as set forth in it's by-laws, the following code be approved and adopted for the future guidance of the members.

  1. Members of the Society shall conduct themselves with propriety in all of their dealings with clients and with one another. They shall avoid the use of intoxicants and profane language while conducting sales.
  2. Members operating in the same areas of contiguous areas shall co-operate with one another in the scheduling of sales, for the purpose of avoiding, when practicable, conflicting situations which might create dissention and result in disadvantage to clients and members alike.
  3. Members shall diligently adhere to the policy of honest dealing with both clients and bidders, avoiding misrepresentation of property or articles being sold, avoiding cause for challenge of favoritism among purchasers; and, conditions governing, seeking to obtain maximum values.
  4. Public auction of fake materials, goods and chattels through misrepresentation, by unscrupulous persons, was the basis for much public criticism of the auction method of selling in the past, resulting in enactment of regulations adverse to the welfare of the entire profession. The members of the Auctioneers' Association of Alberta hereby register their absolute disapproval of the so-called "fake-auction" or any auction designed to defraud the public.
  5. Chiselling on the regularly established rate of compensation or the generally accepted rate applicable to each of the various types of auctioneer service, is unethical and tends to destroy morale in the organization. To underbid the known bid of a fellow-member is productive of similar results. Pending establishment of definite standards, either by law or by resolution of members of the profession, it is recommended that the members adopt and follow the "Golden Rule" respecting their actions and dealings with their fellow-members.
  6. Members are expected to comply with all federal, provincial and city laws or ordinances pertaining to Auctioneers.
  7. Any alleged violation of this code by any member of the Auctioneers' Association of Alberta shall subject such member to investigation by a competent Board of Auctioneers, whose findings and recommendations shall prevail.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be placed in the permanent records of the Society, and that each member be furnished with a copy; also, that the public press be apprised of its contents. 

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