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Crime Stoppers is a crime prevention organization that rewards anonymous tipsters and helps law enforcement stop and solve crime. 

We have also moved our stolen items updates into the News Flow. All Stolen items will appear there and will be dated./

If you would like to post a "Lost or Stolen Item", please email details to:

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Details Required:

-Product:  Make, Model,  Details,  Pictures, Distinguishing details, markings...
-Where it was stolen From, Dates, (span, on or before) Plus other pertinent details, 
-Where it was reported Stolen to, (Detachment - Ph#)

Stolen Item Alert June 13th:

Wheatheart High & Heavy Hitter Post Pounder was stolen last night.  June 13, 2019.  From our yard in Lacombe.

Serial #  214005   it may or may not have a W in the serial.    2013 – 2015 possible years of manufacture 

Identifiable features:

a.  On the outside of the post box, is some paint touch ups.   You will see 2 tones of red. 

b.  Lower cylinder leaks slightly and it will appear wet and dirty.

c.  Slide box on the tongue will show some recent welding on the corners

Mr. Robert Sproule

Rental Pro, Lacombe AB

403-782-3836 office

877-236-2658 fax