Our Mission:

We serve as a provincial advocate for Auctioneers and Auction companies in the pursuit of excellence, fairness, and ethics within the industry, utilizing state of the art methods and technology while respecting the culture and traditions that have built our industry.

We serve as an educational hub for the betterment of our members and our customers, teaching the most effective methods of capitalizing the competitive bid marketing model.

We serve all levels of government and the public by providing insight into the roles of the auction companies concerning legislation and the effects it has on our industry.

We serve as a provincial network system to enhance the professional growth and the upward mobility of auctioneers by providing competition to showcase their talents to the industry and the public.

We serve as a national leader, setting the standard regarding ethics, charitable fundraising and community service within our profession and within all the regulation holding our membership to the highest standards of professional conduct, competence, and ethics.